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Mary Caroline Cruz 

Mary Caroline Cruz is a Los Angeles and Hawai’i based jewelry designer, offering much more to her clients than the status quo. She is a Master Crystal Alchemist; facilitating guidance, activations and healing practices with crystals. Mary is also a Reiki Master and practices Shamanism. As a lover of nature, music, arts, culture and new-age beliefs, her creative soul is ever-evolving with time, life experiences, spiritual self-mastery and personal healing journey.


Mary started designing jewelry over a decade ago at her first company MC2 designs, where she specialized in wire wrapping and beading techniques. In June of 2014, the first Open Heart Warrior piece made its appearance on instagram for Mary’s new company, Mary Caroline Jewelry.  Because of the popularity and demand that surrounded the piece,  what started as a name for her bow and arrow shaped like a heart creation became a new line that centered around that design. Her intention for the wearers was to Inspire an open heart, empower their arrow-- their intuition and connect. Connect both and be one with all. And in June of 2015, Open Heart Warrior was born as a lifestyle brand that continues to grow to this day.


One of the most important things to Mary is sustainability, which is why all of her products are ethically sourced and made sustainably. Not only are the jewelry casted from recycled 14k gold and sterling silver, she also supports and works with local artisans making each product 100% handcrafted in Los Angeles, USA. As a skilled artisan herself in the ancient process of creating jewelry called lost-wax, which dates back to 3700 BC. All of OHWs castings are Mary’s original designs that she hand carves from wax before it is casted in precious metals.


As a result of her work, Mary has been featured in numerous publications including: YOGA Journal,, LA Yoga and many more. Mary has also been recognized and endorsed by highly influential authors, entrepreneurs, inspirational speakers and fellow yogi’s such as: Kino MacGregor, Kathryn Budig, Elena Brower, Shiva Rea, Deepak Chopra, and Pope Francis. 


Throughout the years Mary has had the pleasure of partnering with amazing foundations, companies and brands that have assisted in the growth of Open Heart Warrior. In 2017 Open Heart Warrior was invited to be the official jewelry partner for The Wanderlust Festivals, where Wanderlust purchased over 6,000 pieces of jewelry to give away to patrons. Shortly after, Mary collaborated with West Elm SoCal as a Local Artist, which led to a 4 month residency at the Santa Monica location. The collaboration was a huge success, which got Mary and her company invited back for an additional 2 month stay during the busy holiday season. On April 22, 2018 Open Heart Warrior’s Tree Reforestation Project launched, pledging to raise $3,000 to plant 3,000 trees with, which the company buoyantly met. And Later that year, Mary pitched a sustainability partnership with WEST ELM, the largest home furnishing company in the US, to save their old upholstery textiles to create a collection of Sustainable Meditation Cushions. Since then, the efforts have saved thousands of pounds of textiles from the landfills.


Today, Mary is revamping her collection of adornments, healing tools, and sustainable line and is consistently raising the bar and scratching the surface of her potential.